Secondary Distribution
Center (SDC)

Capabilities and features

The SDC accepts primary power and reduces the voltage for distribution. Primary power can be either from a commercial power plant, diesel engine driven prime power generator sets, or from another SDC. The SDC is designed to accept primary power at 4160VAC, 60Hz, or 3800VAC, 50Hz, 3-phase from any source utilizing Loadbreak Elbows and reduce the voltage (via a 150kVA transformer) to 120/208VAC, 50/60Hz, 3-phase for distribution.

The SDC is used to provide power for equipment, such as airfield lighting, shelters, hangers, remote area lighting systems, and other related equipment requiring 120/208VAC electrical power. The SDC is also equipped with two (2) additional sets of Medium Voltage Output Loadbreak Elbow connections (bushing wells). These connections are used for parallel operations with additional SDCs, forming a common bus.

In the event of loss of 4160 or 3800 volts primary power, the SDC can accept secondary power from an emergency power generator, called a Mission Essential Power (MEP) generator set. MEP generators feed through a circuit breaker to the secondary bus. The breaker is interlocked to inadvertently prevent feeding the secondary bus from two power sources..


Manufacturer: PD Power Systems, LLC

Part No.: PS-SDC-150

NSN: 6110-01-168-8077

Dimensions: Length (in.): 61 • Width (in.): 48 • Height (in.): 72 • Weight (lbs.): 2,450

Temperature Range: Operating: -25F to +125F • Storage: -65F to 150F

Output Connections:
Output Receptacles: 16-60 Amp
Output Convenience Receptacles: 2-15 Amp
MEP Input Connectors:1-200 Amp
Loadbreak Elbow Input Connectors: 9-200 Amp

Power Characteristics
Input: 4160VAC/3-phase/60Hz • 3800VAC/3-phase/50Hz • 208YVAC/3-phase/60Hz
Output: 208Y/120VAC/3-phase, 60/50Hz 3-wire • 208Y/120VAC/3-phase, 60/50Hz 4-wire
Power Ratings: 150kVA; 416 AMPS

Optional Output Connections
Part No.: PS-SDC-150-8/4
(Qty.: 8, 60A output receptacles; Qty.: 4, 100A output receptacles)(receptacles)

Part No.: PS-SDC150-10/2
(Qty.: 10, 60A output receptacles; Qty.: 2, 100A output receptacles)(receptacles)


Worldwide service and support

PD Power Systems provides support for military products around the world:

  • Support at various existing and future locations of the U.S. military around the globe.
  • Commissioning and maintenance support services globally
  • Critical parts inventory at critical locations and around the world
  • Support for engineering and technical data for all products and services

Program Management

Having fielded thousands of units throughout the globe, PD Power Systems has a successful record of power distribution and power generation equipment with the United States military.

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