Power Distribution Panel
(PDP) – 30KW

Capabilities and Features

The 30 KW PDP is designed to accept power at 120/208 VAC, 3-phase, utilizing a 100 amp Class-L connector. Power is then distributed at 120/208 VAC 3-phase and 120 VAC 1-phase. PDPs are used to provide power to equipment requiring 120/208 VAC electrical power.

Electrical power distribution consists of circuit breakers feeding an output connector and receptacles that permit connecting cable feeders for load centers. The circuit breakers protect the cables from excessive current flow.

The equipment is designed for safe operation and conforms to the NEC for outdoor use.

INPUT: The PDP30 has one 100-amp, 4-pole, 5-wire connector. The input connector is a MIL-C-229922 male receptacle labeled J1 on the enclosure. The PDP is protected by an appropriately sized main circuit breaker.

OUTPUT: The PDP30 has two 60-amp, 4-pole, 5-wire, output connector and five 20-amp (NEMA L5-20R) receptacles. The 60-amp output connectors are labeled J2 and J3 on the enclosure. Each 60-amp output circuit is protected by an appropriately sized circuit breaker.

The 20-amp receptacles are labeled J4 through J8 on the enclosure. Each 20-amp output circuit is protected by an appropriately sized circuit breaker.

CIRCUIT BREAKERS: The circuit breakers are thermal magnetic type. The 3-phase circuit breakers are three pole, molded-case, common trip with a single operating toggle. The 1-phase circuit breakers are single pole, molded case, with a single operating toggle.

The operating mechanism for all circuit breakers is over center, trip free operation, providing quick-make and quick-break operation. When the circuit breaker is tripped, the operating toggle takes a position between ON and OFF.


Manufacturer: PD Power Systems, LLC

Part No.: PS-PDP30

NSN: 6110-01-236-5890

Length (in.): 36 • Width (in.): 18 • Height (in.): 18 • Weight (lbs.): 78

Temperature Range:
Operating Temperature: -25°F to +125°F • Storage Temperature: -65°F to +150°F

(PDP) – 30KW

Worldwide service and support

PD Power Systems provides support for military products around the world:

  • Support at various existing and future locations of the U.S. military around the globe.
  • Commissioning and maintenance support services globally
  • Critical parts inventory at critical locations and around the world
  • Support for engineering and technical data for all products and services

Program Management

Having fielded thousands of units throughout the globe, PD Power Systems has a successful record of power distribution and power generation equipment with the United States military.

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