Primary Switching Center

Capabilities and Features

The Primary Switching Center (PSC) provides for the distribution and safe isolation of the power output of 5kv medium voltage generators. The main component of the PSC is the internal S&C Vista Switch.

The Vista Switch is enclosed within a housing that provides environment protection and operator safety. Additionally, the design of the enclosure permits two PSCs to be stacked within a shipping frame for transportation and/or storage.

The Primary Switching Center (PSC) uses load-interrupter switches and vaccum fault interrupters for switching 600 amp IEEE-386 Deadbreak connections. Four of the six connections are protected using a microprocessor based overcurrent controller which is reconfigurable and resettable.

The load-interrupter switches are three-position (closed-open-grounded), manually operated disconnect switches, each providing three-pole switching to isolate associated 600A Deadbreak connection points. The fault interrupters are the same style load interrupters (closed-open-grounded) with the addition of vaccum interrupters connected in series.

A built-in voltage indicator is located under the viewing window for each disconnect. The indicator is isolated from the main 5kv voltage and uses a solar powered source to indicate the presence of voltage.

The PSC features six (6) individual 3-phase disconnects. Each connection point, referred to as Ways, is rated for 600 amps and all are bussed together on one side. Each 600A connection point is an IEEE-386 Deadbreak. All power connections in or out of the PSC are through either 600A Deadbreak or 200A loadbreak connections.


Manufacturer: PD Power Systems, LLC

Part No.: PS-PSC-AR/AF

NSN: 66110-01-493-3391

Weight: 4,800 LB

Overall Length: 104 IN

Overall Width: 72 IN

Overall Height: 48 IN

HZ Rating

50HZ Rating: 12,000V AC 600A
60HZ Rating: 15,500V AC 600A

Primary Switching Center

Worldwide service and support

PD Power Systems provides support for military products around the world:

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Program Management

Having fielded thousands of units throughout the globe, PD Power Systems has a successful record of power distribution and power generation equipment with the United States military.

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