Power Distribution Panel
(PDP) – 25KW

Capabilities and Features

The equipment is designed for safe operation and conforms to the NEC for outdoor use.

Input: The 25kW PDP has one 60-amp, 4-pole, 5-wire connector. The input connector is labled J1 on the enclosure. The PDP25 is protected by an appropriately sized main circuit breaker.

Output: The PDP25 has one 60-amp, 4-pole, 5-wire, output connector, one 15-amp (NEMA 5-15R), and four 20-amp (NEMA L5-20R) receptacles. The output connector and receptacles are protected by appropriately sized circuit breakers.

The 60-amp output connector is labeled J2 on the enclosure.

The 15-amp receptacle is labeled J3 on the enclosure. The 20-amp receptacles are labeled J4 through J7 on the enclosure.

Circuit Breakers: The circuit breakers are thermal magnetic type. The 3-phase circuit breakers are 3-pole, molded case, common trip with a single operating toggle.

The operating mechanism for all circuit breakers is over center, trip free operation, providing quick-make and quick-break operation.

When the circuit breaker is tripped, the operating toggle takes a position between ON and OFF. All 1-phase circuit breakers are GFCI rated and provide a PUSH TO TEST function.


Manufacturer: PD Power Systems, LLC

Part No.: PS-PDP25

NSN: 6110-01-244-3209

Length (in.): 23 • Width (in.): 18 • Height (in.): 18 • Weight (lbs.): 38

Temperature Range:
Operating Temperature: -25°F to +125°F • Storage Temperature: -65°F to +150°F

(PDP) – 25KW

Worldwide service and support

PD Power Systems provides support for military products around the world:

  • Support at various existing and future locations of the U.S. military around the globe.
  • Commissioning and maintenance support services globally
  • Critical parts inventory at critical locations and around the world
  • Support for engineering and technical data for all products and services

Program Management

Having fielded thousands of units throughout the globe, PD Power Systems has a successful record of power distribution and power generation equipment with the United States military.

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